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One Citizenship: Band

While I'm here in Honduras my friends Caleb and Jonathan asked me to take some pictures for their band, OneCitizenship. 
We shot just down the road and there just so happens to be a Circus in town, which made for an awesome backdrop!

Honduras Again

Dear World, (Or at least whoever reads this)
In case you're wondering what I've been up to, I am currently in Honduras. (Yes. Again.) 
After the 2 and a half days that I was here in April, I got home and realized that I needed to come back for longer. So I figured out a period of time that I could come and bought my ticket and came. :D 
For the first week or so I worked with a missions team from Texas and served as the team photographer, going out to a different village each day with the small groups that the team split into, taking some pictures, but mostly pitching in to help with the Evangelism and VBS that they were doing. 
It was an amazing week, and I made some awesome friends from the group as we worked to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Honduras and strengthen their efforts for the Gospel. 
Of course I was overjoyed to take about a billion and one pictures of adorable Honduran kids!
The group is gone now, but I am here trying to help the missionaries in any way I can, and take a lot of pictures while I'm at it. :)

My spanish is getting better, and my love for Honduras is growing.
Here's some pictures.

(Me, a little worse for having gone climbed down a cliff and gone swimming under a waterfall. Not to rub it in or anything.)

This little girl was so into having me take her picture while jumproping that she would get other people to pose for my pictures and then jumprope next to them...behind them...jump in a line across the frame if she hadn't set the picture up...you get the picture. ;)

My shoes, while waiting to stand up in the back of the truck for the ride down the mountain. :D

Travis and Julie's Wedding: Preview

Today was an example of a day fully blessed. The sun shone, but the weather was comfortable. My feet hurt, but the music was loud. (Yes, that is a good thing! ;) Loud music gives me energy!) My memory cards needed to be emptied to my hard drive multiple times, but it was a good chance to rest for a few moments. 
The joy and love at this wedding was so evident, and Jesus was the center of the message.

Congratulations, Travis and Julie!
Enjoy this sneak peek.

Take Time

take time to make a beautiful image 
take time to really see
take time to love the people
take time to love the light
take time to be transparent
take time to see the needs
take time to see what's there
take time to see the empty space
take time to look without the camera
take time to smile to get a smile
take time to talk
take time to be a friend
take time to help with the dress
take time to carry the shoes
take time to appreciate the frame
take time to tell a joke
take time to give a hug
take time to lay on the ground for the perfect shot
take time to take a picture
take time to develop some film
take time to make your own print
take time to burn and dodge with your hands
take time to think
take time to laugh
take time to imagine

The Adventures of Kaylee and Dylan

Kaylee is four, and when you're four it's really fun to run around and around and around and around gazebos and your little brother and your photographer and your mom. It's fun to lay in the grass and wear Ariel t-shirts and have fake tattoos. 
It's really fun for your photographer too to chase you around and hold your hand so we can cross the street to backdrops unphotographed. And it's also fun when your 2 year old brother flops on his stomach next to us trying to copy the posing we're practicing. 

And when you're super adorable the pictures come out nicely.