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This time last year I was doing the same exact thing, I had just gotten home from a day of shooting a wedding and was exhausted and debating just how much packing for tomorrow's departure to summer camp was really necessary. 

As I go off to a week of fun, hearing the word of God preached, and awesome times with awesome people, I'd like to leave you with a quote from John Piper that I read today.

‎"Self is simply too small to satisfy the exploding longings of my heart. I wanted to taste and see something great and wonderful and beautiful and eternal." - Piper

This is from an article I read today where he was talking about growing up. Read it if you have the chance, it was lovely. 
The gist of the post however is how great of a thing we are offered, just to look beyond ourselves and behold the wonders of God and the salvation through which He offers redemption. 

It's truly great and wonderful and beautiful and eternal.

I will leave you with 2 pictures from today's wedding. :)

Providencia: Orphanage Visit

The first week that I was in Honduras I had the opportunity to tour an orphanage called Providencia. I was very impressed by their model of ministry and their awesome facility. Last Friday at my friend Caleb's art gallery opening I met one of the teachers from the school that is also run by Providencia and asked if they would have any interest in having a photographer come down and do some pictures for them. The director happened to be right there and we got approval right then. So yesterday I grabbed my camera and headed over to Providence. They have a Medical clinic onsite too, and there was a team from Nashville there doing checkups for a bunch of kids. When i finished taking pictures there I headed over to the school and did the kids' school pictures. Later I went to the homes where the orphans live. The model of Providencia is really neat, the have (right now) 2 homes with 6 kids and each home has a Christian couple who have committed to living in the home and being the parents to these kids until they graduate from high school. It gives these kids a family and it was really neat to be with the families and see how happy the kids are. 


























Josiah: Senior Pics

Here in Honduras I am staying at a conference center which houses 4 or so families of missionaries from the States. Most of these families have a lot of kids and their ages cover everything from babies to nearly grown ups. 

Josiah is the oldest of one of these families and he is excited to be heading to the states in August to study theology and hopefully go to Seminary. It's great to see the heart for ministry and missions that these whole families have and to see them working as a unit here in another country to strengthen the church and spread the gospel.

Honduras has exactly the sorts of backdrops that I love and near perfect light like...all the time. 

I hope God blesses your new adventure, Josiah!


This is my lovely and hilarious and AWESOME friend Cassia. 
For her birthday we met up for lunch and then went to a park to take pictures and skip and hip hop dance wait WHAT? ;)

We had a lot of fun and i got some pictures that I quite like.
Here's the girl!