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Sergio + Daniela Wedding Preview

A few weeks ago i went down to Los Angeles and shot Sergio and Daniela's wedding! I'm not completely done with the pictures yet, but I thought I'd post a preview here. :)


Small Stuff

one of my favorite things about shooting is the small things that catch my eye and then the attention of my camera. when i shot a friend's family recently i was moving around a playground and suddenly had to stop because i saw something that needed capturing.
and that something was this...
small things

Jelaya's Senior Shoot or the day of finding cool chairs

Jelaya is a sweet girl with an amazing voice that goes to my church and we've been friends for a long time, so now that she's graduating we took an afternoon to drive around and shoot. We started in her neighborhood because she wanted to shoot with some of the fall leaves that were still around. There weren't as many as we were hoping, but we found some and then an awesome rusty broken-down chair at the end of her cul-de-sac. Then we drove out to a place i've been wanting to shoot at for a long time but have never had the chance! While shooting there we found some amazing red japanese maples, which I thought was really cool, because Jelaya is interested in becoming a Japanese translator. :) I'm excited for you Jelaya as you become the young woman that God has planned you to be!