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Happy Christmas, Here's to many more

One of my favorite older Christmas songs (not older as in hymns, but as in Michael Card) says "Celebrate the Child who is the light, now the darkness is over. 

Keep that in mind with me as we celebrate Christmas this year. :)

Reggie and Lyss

Not to be cheesy in any way...but there are many couples out there that I think are wonderful together, but Reggie and Lyss are a couple that when I see them or hang out with them I can't imagine how they could have ever not known they were perfect for each other. 

They are a great combination of goofy and romantic. As we walked around Sausalito there were moments of kissing and there were moments of karate chops. 

They were the very first couple that I ever shot engagement pictures for, and I was actually one of Lyss's bridesmaids, so we have a pretty great history of photos and friendship. 

This is one of my favorite shoots that's I've done to date, and they have already let me know that they love them.

I'm going to miss you guys when I move, but I love you and hopefully this won't be our last shoot. ;)


"A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I present to you Hannah. The girl who is on fire. ;)
(all of you hunger games fans will have caught my reference)

She is my dearer than dear friend, the one who makes me drink black coffee, the one who appreciates most of the music i get her to listen to, my sweater day buddy, my concert buddy, the one who called me last minute to see a ridiculous play with her in which i was forced to be Mary the mother of Jesus and dance disco so that Hannah wouldn't have to... (No, you're not getting that story) The one who takes drives with me at 2 in the morning as we ponder the intricacies of life and boys and college and theology and terrify ourselves by driving around mental hospitals at that late hour.
This dear girl who I love dyed her hair and we went on an adventure to see how much of its fire we could capture.