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Home and the fluidity of that concept

Dear friends, family, and whoever else might be reading this blog, ;)

If you haven't heard by now that I've moved to Florida, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? 
Just kidding, I'll tell you all about it anyway.

Last year sometime, way before most people even knew that this was an idea, I was entrusted with the knowledge that my Dad really wanted to return to being in full time pastoral ministry, and asked to pray for this. 
As the year progressed this stayed in the back of my mind and somewhere in my prayers, and when my parents let me know that a church wanted them to come, I got excited! I am always in awe of the way God works things out and answers prayers and arranges adventures for His children. 

A lot of people have asked me why I decided to move with my family, seeing as I had ministries, friends, and a growing business at home. My answer changes a little bit every time, but it really boils down to a few simple things. First of all, I love my family, and I think God really has placed in me a desire to be here to encourage them and love them during this transition. Also I don't want them to get all the fun of moving and being a ministry unit without me! ;)  So that is the ministry that I believe God is letting me be a part of right now and I am so excited to be here and getting involved in our new church and loving my family and the new church family He's brought us to. 

As far as business goes, I know it's not necessarily the SMARTEST business move, to pick up an endeavor that is only 2 years old and move it straight across country, but I have just finished an associate's degree in photography, and I am excited to take what I've learned from the past 2 years and put it all into a business that will have that experience in its formation. And it's all very exciting to me, I don't mind "starting over" because I know it's not completely starting over. 

So that's my new adventure! I'm getting to know the Tampa, Florida area, and getting excited about what God is doing, and about getting some photoshoots going!
Pray for us and keep checking back for new photos! ;)

<3 - Savannah

(and here's a picture I took of my sister on our 2 week Family visiting trip before we got to Florida)