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Pieces of my memory: Bagan, Myanmar

This guy spoke english and hung out with me for a while and he pulled out a stack of money he had collected from tourists and handed the stack to me, then turned around. He asked me to go through them one at a time, and he started naming the order of countries each bill had come from without looking. I had some Honduran Lempiras in my wallet so I gave him one, and he gave me an old Burmese 5 Kyat note.

I love small connections.


She is my roommate, my hairstylist, my friend and my sister.
Our grammar is awful when we are together, but our laughter is wonderful.
She's a very very talented artist, you can see some of her sketches here.

Also she is beautiful and I love taking her picture.

Jojo: Graduate

I recently took a trip back to my dear home town of Vallejo and between shooting a wedding and going to the last Resolved conference and recording covers with Caleb under our band name Woof & Warp I had an 8 AM time slot in which Jojo and I adventured all over Mare Island to take his senior pictures!

He will be graduating next spring, so here's to his senior year!

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