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Caleb is a SENIOR

Once upon a time there was a kid named Caleb who lived in LA with his family. He was 3 and had a big backyard with goats and chickens. My family was friends with his family, and we would often go over to their house. Someone taught us how to hypnotize their chickens, and we would amuse ourselves by doing that often. 

Caleb and his family moved to Honduras and we kept in touch, and he has become a very promising photographer, a good writer, and finished high school early. He and his family moved to my hometown this past month as his dad is going to take over for mine when we move to Florida in a couple weeks. 

We went on a photo adventure/senior picture photoshoot/coffee exploration and had a lot of fun and got some coooooooool pictures.

The end. 
^_^ (Caleb insists that he makes this face. See if you can find it.)


Monday evening I returned from a wonderful two weeks of journeying through the country of Myanmar, and though it was sometimes hot, sometimes tiring, sometimes heartbreaking, and sometimes overwhelming, it was also overwhelmingly beautiful and a trip full of joy. 

If you would like to read my descriptions of the things I felt at various points along the journey, you can read the poetry journal I kept
I'm not going to write a huge missive here, because i would prefer that you understand how i felt and experienced the country through these pictures that I am going to share with you. 

Thanks for sharing this with me!