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The Cuteness of Baby Jude

I woke up really early on this particular Saturday morning and changed my Facebook status to "It's 6:20...think I'll go shoot a baby." Needless to say, the world was quite amused. I was definitely amused. 

I arrived at Baby Jude's apartment to find him just waking up, so in his little drowsy state we got some pictures and then he let me get the whole family involved and we ended up going for a walk around their apartment complex and were pretty excited about the spanish moss, a bench outside a little garden, the early morning sun,  reading a book and some lime green raybans. 

Two concerts in ONE WEEK

Last week I had the opportunity to go last minute to two shows, one at a coffee shop in downtown Tampa called Buddy Brew, and one at The Venue in Bartow.

The first I found out about very last minute and was headlined by a Canadian band called Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk. The second was a show that my friend David was opening for a girl named Kourtney Rea.

I really enjoyed both shows and got to do some video for the second. I love music and concerts are one of my favorite things ever, and I especially enjoy finding new music!

Here are some of the pics!

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

This is actually Joel Davis of Fistful and Ascend the Hill.

And from David's show, other performers included Anthony Lunetta, Steven Stanley, and Kourtney Rea.