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Mike and Mackenzie || Downtown Tampa Engagement

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend Mackenzie texted me and said "I thought of a new Instagram day!! FIANCE FRIDAY!" My first thought was, "Well, it's a good thing that your boyfriend has been planning to have me shoot your engagement in about two weeks when he comes home, so that you can use that." But all I said was "Well...you're NOT ENGAGED YET, GIRL, so TOO BAD." 

She patiently held her horses, and last Saturday morning, Mike took her to one of the best places in Tampa, the Oxford Exchange for "breakfast." Conveniently enough, although most days they open at 7:30, on Saturdays they don't open until 9. So, when Mike and Mackenzie got there at 8, it was still closed, so Mike suggested they take a stroll over to the campus of University of Tampa. I was hiding by the porch where we had planned for him to propose, but right as I saw them walking toward the spot, the entire UT swim team came and set up to take their team pictures right where we were planning to shoot. Mike cleverly readjusted and took her to walk over near the river. I stalked them around the gardens like a super sneaky person and texted Mike to see if he wanted to just propose next to the river. Then I had to text him again to tell him to turn Mackenzie around so she wouldn't see me walk up. In one fluid motion, he turned her and went down on one knee, pulling out a note book where he had written some lovely things to her about wanting to marry her. Then he pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him, and of course she said yes. 

Happy #FIANCEFRIDAY, you guys. 

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